About Us

Beginning in 1985 with an innovative design for quailseats.  Texas Hunting Systems has been designing and building quality truck and utility vehicle equipment for the Texas Outdoorsman for 25+ years. Introducing custom fabricated aluminum high seats and quail rigs to the market brought a whole new standard on the Texas hunting scene.  Our commitment to the highest quality materials, hardware and craftsmanship shows up in every piece of equipment.  25+ years in crafting serious equipment for serious hunters has allowed us to refine our products and tailor them to our customers unique needs.  We build each piece for a particular customer, designed to suit their property and hunting style.  We welcome customer input as it allows to build exactly what each individual really wants and needs.  We make a special effort to design with safety and function as well as lasting good looks into every piece of equipment we build, wishing our customers many years of dependable service and fun.

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